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Aug 3, 2021

Your DNA holds alllllll kinds of secrets - Kashif Khan Founder and CEO of the DNA company wants to help you figure them out. "Every cellular process in your body is instructed by the 22,000 genes that make up your genetic code. Our nutrition, lifestyle and environment decisions impact our genetic function. Decode your genes so you can make the right choices." ( We talk all about what your genome can tell you from behavioral insights, to predisposition to diseases, to how to maximize your genetic potential. And then Max gets all weird with conspiracy theories for a bit - GREAT EPISODE!

Look for Kashif and his team at the Biohacking in Miami Oct 16-17 If you want to go, You can get 50% OFF on Onside Tickets and Live Stream admissions with promo code: HACK50, at It’s going to be a life-changing weekend with more than 25 famous speakers on Biohacking; and 20 Health companies - ecological products, digital health devices, and solutions for your health optimization.