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May 3, 2023

Lee Dryburgh is the Chief Evangelist for SiPhox Inc.  He approaches health and longevity by combining raw data analytics with a healthy holistic lifestyle.  We talk about genetics, philosophy of living longer, supplements, longevity factors, epigenetics, lengthening telomeres, DNA, 23 and me, inflammation, baselines, red wine, snickers, lifting heavy, and why the best sleep of his life is with his dog at his feet. 

SiPhox Health is disrupting the health tech industry by democratizing access to biomarkers. They have built an at-home device that measures hormones and proteins from less than a drop of blood - in under 5 minutes. They use silicon photonic biosensing - technology that will make blood testing x100 cheaper. This will cause a massive shift in health and wellness. They are working on the ultimate wearable that measures not just your glucose (like CGMs), but also your hormones, proteins, and inflammation - 24/7.

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