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Jan 11, 2023

Jaime will forever be known as the “8 Minute Abs guy" A program he designed that helped millions of people-lose millions of pounds and inches.  Jaime has dedicated his professional life for the past 30 years on providing systematic approaches to fighting the obesity and weight problems across the nation .In 2021, Jaime co-produced, wrote, and starred in a 13 episode TV series on PBS called, Fit n Delicious. In 2021, Brenkus also wrote the Baby Boomer Booklet offered on Amazon.  In 2019, Jaime co-wrote a book with Elaine LaLanne, Jack’s 94 year old wife…If you want to Live, Move  (Putting the BOOM back into Boomers !) He’s famous for his ability to take simple, tried-and-true health concepts and deliver them as exciting, consumer-friendly innovations. The  8-Minute  workout video series has over 80 million views on YouTube.  We LOVE this guy.  Count the Catchphrases!