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Dec 30, 2020

NEW YEAR NEW YOU This episode we talk about our secret and not so secret new year's fitness goals. January is the classic "This year I'm finally gonna ___ " month, so we also talk about actual strategies for achieving said goals. Did I mention Goals?  Goals. What are yours?

Dec 23, 2020

Rebecca Louise is a youtube superstar, fitness trainer, health guru, and relentless businesswoman. She came to LA with dreams of starring on Laguna Beach, but then quickly level'd up to becoming a Fitness mogul. Through her app, youtube channel, podcast, daily live workouts, best selling book and fitness challenges,...

Dec 16, 2020

MartiniMonsters is one of the first Twitch Fitness & Health streamers. From a gaming background she switched to powerlifting and now offers online coaching, meal plans and programming. Cassidy is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. We talk with her about prepping for powerlifting meets, lifting...

Dec 9, 2020

Leah Purcell, creator of Complete Burn fitness, joins us this week with a High Intensity Interview talk.  She is the authority on interval training and walks us through how often to do hiit training, what pairs well with heavy compound lifts, how hydration is secretly the most important, the importance of sprouted...

Dec 2, 2020

Brittany Marsicek, AKA Bmarsz, is a professional dancer in LA. She gives us insights on her insanely challenging and athletic training and auditions. She also has a mukbang channel and gives us some some insights on her diet ideology. We also talk about her cross training and her recent repetitive use injury.