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Jul 27, 2022

We have done a lot of detoxes. Everything from animal based food to sugar to fasting to water when Max was cutting weight! Theres are the things we've detoxed on, why we wanted to detox and how we did it. We also talk about other detoxes we want to do. Alcohol? Phone screen time? We cover it all.

Jul 20, 2022


Gianco Torres is an award-winning entrepreneur and immune health expert on a mission to educate others on the power of glutathione, which might be the missing ingredient to super charge your immune system. We talk about a scary health period with his mother, during which conventional medicine failed help....

Jul 13, 2022

We tried the LIT Method Strength Machine. Low impact training with a reformer that includes strength bands, battle ropes, a water rower and more. What did we think of the bolt cult? How did we like their 40 minutes of cardio, total body at home remote workouts? How was it streaming the live online classes from their LIT...

Jul 6, 2022

Want to get better at life with me? Subscribe!→ Like it?? Join my team to help me make more→ On this episode we talk to Ryan Seaman and Brian Murphy, co-founders of Living Prana - Loaded with 10+ nutrient-dense superfoods, adaptogens and functional mushrooms,...